WAVES Bratislava – Important Information

Unfortunately we have to announce that WAVES BRATISLAVA is no longer being promoted and represented by the company Pendant s.r.o. (Namestie SNP 30, 811 01 Bratislava 1, Slovakia). Several issues forced us, the owner of the WAVES brand, Comrades GmbH (Margaretenstrasse 96/1, AT-1050 Wien, Austria) and promoter of WAVES VIENNA to withdraw the license given to Pendant s.r.o. to promote and represent WAVES BRATISLAVA and end the partnership on every level.
All obligations from running WAVES BRATISLAVA stay with the company Pendant s.r.o. and are not transferable to Comrades GmbH.
WAVES BRATISLAVA facebook page and website will be administered by Comrades GmbH. All E-Mail addresses @wavesbratislava.com will be turned off. To get in contact with Pendant CEO Tibor Holoda please use tibor@pendant.sk or the phone +421 903 268 872 to contact them.
We reserve the right to take legal action against Pendant s.r.o.