This is a first overview of the programme for Waves Central Europe.

Day 1 (Sunday, 03.04.22) – Vienna

Incoming of the international delegation

Day 2 (Monday, 04.04.22) – Brno

Delegates and other participants will meet for an informal lunch. We would like to introduce the representatives of Brno’s music clubs, promoters, and their work to the international delegates arriving from Vienna.
We will continue with a tour of cultural Brno in cooperation with TIC (Tourist Information Center). The backup plan is also a stop in a cafe with specialty coffee (Brno is also a café town).
This is followed by dinner and a concert by bands that are published by Kabinet Records.

Day 3 (Tuesday, 05.04.22) – Maribor

The day in Maribor, the second-largest city in Slovenia will start with a welcome drink and an informal lunch. Afterwards the international delegates will be introduced to the local professionals via short networking and a presentation of the market. This will be followed by a workshop on the possibilities of exporting Slovenian and other artists to the countries of the international delegation with a focus on festivals and media. In the afternoon, the participants will join a music tour of the city. The evening is reserved for a laid back dinner and a short showcase.

Day 4 (Wednesday, 06.04.22) – Budapest

The fourth day is planned to start with lunch and drinks at Lumen Kávézó. After lunch, delegates will meet Hungarian professionals at Turbina Kulturális Központ (venue TBC), a brand new venue where the majority of the programmes will take place. International delegates will have the opportunity to meet the key representatives not only of the music scene in Budapest but the regional capitals of contemporary music as well. The distinguishing traits of the market will be also discussed through a presentation and workshop. This will be followed by a dinner and networking in the city centre. Going back to Turbina Kulturális Központ, the day will end with concerts of a Hungarian band.

Day 5 (Thursday, 07.04.22) – Bratislava

to be announced

Day 6 (Friday, 08.04.22) – Vienna

At the beginning, the international delegates meet the participating delegates from Vienna. During an informal lunch, the local delegates and their projects are introduced. This will be followed by a workshop on the possibilities of exporting Austrian acts to the countries of the international delegation with a special focus on bigger summer festivals. In the afternoon, we will introduce the participants to some of the city’s music-related sights during a tour. In the evening, an Austrian act will perform a showcase and an open networking session will take place.

Day 7 (Saturday, 09.04.22) – Vienna

International delegates and delegations from the partner countries (Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia and Slovenia) come together and present the outcomes of the workshops.

Day 8 (Sunday, 10.04.22) – Vienna

Departure of international delegation.