Who will perform at Waves Bratislava 2015?

Three months ahead of the event, Waves Bratislava reveal the first names in their festival line-up, as well as the list of Bratislava conference topics. The festival tickets are currently available at the early bird rate.

With nearly 100 hot and emerging bands from the local and international music scene and many industry professionals, Waves Bratislava 2015 will be taking place on the first October weekend in 10 clubs situated in the heart of the Slovak capital.

First names

The visitors and music lovers are predominantly interested in the first line-up announcements. Waves Bratislava is a showcase festival and therefore, it doesn’t  seek established headliners. It strives to discover new talents and highlight fresh names with potential to break borders. Hence, it is mostly sought after by avid music fans.

The first festival additions are: Pablo Nouvelle (CH), Siv Jakobsen (NO), PINS (UK), Joy Wellboy (BE), Mynth (AT),  Leyya (AT) and The Hearing (FI). 

“All these bands are already successful on their home soil. We believe that Waves festival will help them make another step forward in their career. Artists like Siv Jakobsen and Pablo Nouvelle are already receiving positive response and reviews from critics and influential media like The Guardian and BBC. So the international potential is definitely there. Moreover, Pablo Nouvelle is signed by BlackButter Records which take care of bands such as Rudimental and Clean Bandit,” says the head of Waves Bratislava Tibor Holoda.

As far as the Slovak music scene, the first confirmed names are Puding pani Elvisovej, Fresh Out Of The Bus, Nvmeri, Talent Transport, Stroon and La3no Cubano.

International conference

The international conference and panel discussions are an integral part of Waves. The full program in Bratislava and Vienna can be found HERE.  The panel topics in Slovak are still being discussed and the organisers of the conference are inviting all Slovak music professionals, as well as people generally interested in music industry to fill out a simple survey. The survey results will give us the final selection of 5 most favoured panel topics.

Early bird festival tickets only until end of July

Waves Bratislava will present more than 100 bands in two days. The current festival ticket price is 9 EUR and can be purchased HERE until 30th July. Afterwards, the price level will keep on rising.


Die ersten Acts für Waves Bratislava 2015

Drei Monate, bevor’s losgeht, gibt es die ersten bestätigten Auftritte fürs Waves Bratislava 2015.

Aus der Slowakei sind das Puding pani Elvisovej, Nvmeri, Talent Transport, Stroon und La3no Cubano.

Aber nicht nur heimische slowakische Künstler, sondern auch die ersten internationalen Bands stehen fest. Fix zu rechnen wird beim Waves Bratislava mit Pablo Nouvelle (CH), Siv Jakobsen (NO), PINS (UK), Joy Wellboy (BE), Mynth (AT),  Leyya (AT) sowie The Hearing (FI) sein.