Music Hackday

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Waves Vienna Music Hackday

FRI 30.SEP.: 18:00 – 20:30 Kick off & Tool Presentations
SAT 1.OCT.: 09:45 – 18:00 Hacking
SAT 1.OCT.: 18:30 – 20:00 Award Ceremony
Vienna, Festival Centre @ WUK

The Waves Music Hackday took place for the very first time in 2015 and was a full success! It gathers people around music & technology, with very diverse backgrounds: whether you are a musician, artist, hacker, developer, thinker or hobbyist creator – join this hack day and meet other creative people to spin your ideas around the future of music & technology!

The spirit of the Waves Music Hackday is to get your heads together in teams to create new ideas – and build them at the same day! What you create is quite open – anything goes, as long as it is related to music!

A few examples:

• create a new musical instrument
• hack that new music app that you always wanted to have
• make a platform to engage artists and audience
• work on a musical performance
• make an engaging tool for audience interaction at live concerts
• combine software with hardware, hack those Arduinos, Raspberrys and Sonic Pi’s
• build on MusicBricks tools, combine & remix them to create something bigger
• make wearable audible fashion
• or simply create something mind-blowing that the world has never seen before 😉

You may find some inspirations from last year’s hacks and other Music Hack Days (but of course we don’t want you to copy those :-). There are prizes to win in several categories! Come and hack with us!

FRI 30.SEP.2016 is the Kick-off with Tool Presentations from 18:00 – 20:30:
– Ultrasonic Audio Technologies
– MOD Devices: Step onto the future with MOD Duo
– IRCAM: Sound Music Movement Interaction (R-IoT, RapidMix, skat-VG)
– Musimap’s human and AI based music recommendation API
– Plux: BITalino –  A DiY biosignals (r)evolution
– A Tour of Deezer Developer Tools
– Europeana Sounds: Identifying genres in musical heritage
– GiantSteps: Music Analyisis and Composition APIs
– MusicBricks tools and hacks from MusicTechFest
– Announcment of Challenges and Awards

You don’t want to miss this – get to know the people and the tools to hack with!

Impressions of Waves Music Hackday 2016

The hackday ended very successfully and 16 great projects were presented!

Find out about the award winners and get some impressions here:

– Official Facebook page of the Waves Hackday 2016
– Photos on Flickr of the Waves Hackday 2016 (by Thomas Lidy, Alex Schindler and Oliver Hödl)
– Photos on Flickr of the Waves Hackday 2016 (by MOD Devices)

– Video of Waves Music Hack Day (by MOD Devices)
– Video of Waves Music Hack Day (by Europeana Sounds)

Official page with more material:

With kind support from MOD devices, MindTecStore, Musimap and bitalino.







This is a video from the Waves Vienna Music Hackday 2015  

Visit our facebook event to get more impressions!





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