Waves Music Conference

Richard Mareček (Marketer, SK)

Marketer, an adman and a geek. He has been helping brands grow for almost 20 years. He has experience with large multinationals and with small local companies, too. Except [...]

Lumír Mati (SLAVICA, CZ)

Producer and artist manager, CEO and founder of his entertainment agency SLAVICA. For more than 10 years he has represented some of the most succesful artists in the pop [...]

Paľo Bartoš (Bratiska/Grape, SK)

He started his own merch project Bratiska because he could not find a fitting and good looking jumper with a logo of his town. Paľo has a degree in architecture and graphic [...]

Martin Valihora (Artist, SK)

Founder of One Day Jazz Festival, Boston Berklee College of Music graduate and one of the most respected and sought after Slovak drummers. He is a member of international [...]

Adriana Tomanová (Lawyer, SK)

Adriana Tomanová works as a lawyer at law firm Bianchi Malach Tomanová (BMT) in Bratislava. Her specialization includes copyrights, neighboring rights and software law. For [...]

Jaro Slávik (Music producer, SK)

Jaro Slávik is a music producer, manager and screenwriter. He used to work as the youngest executive  director at Slovak department of the EMI label. He has also discovered [...]
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