Waves Music Conference

Jaro Slávik (Music producer, SK)

Jaro Slávik is a music producer, manager and screenwriter. He used to work as the youngest executive  director at Slovak department of the EMI label. He has also discovered [...]

Drahoš Šišovič (MerchYou, SK)

Former active promoter, record label boss and musician. Previous experience from various music business fields, combined with his hardcore and punk attitude, gave Drahoš a [...]

Shain Shapiro (Sound Diplomacy, UK)

Shain Shapiro is the founder and MD of Sound Diplomacy, leading music market development agency managing music conferences, providing music strategy and research and running [...]

Anton Popovič (SOZA, SK)

Conductor, composer and producer Anton Popovič studied trumpet at Conservatory and conducting at  University in Bratislava with further degrees in conducting, composition [...]

Tomáš Mikš (SOZA, SK)

Avid musician, lawyer and manager of international relations at Slovak author rights organisation (SOZA). He has studied in Czech Republic and France, graduating with [...]

Gordon Masson (IQ Magazine, UK)

A career journalist, Gordon has been a specialist in the music industry for the past 15 years. Now Editor of IQ Magazine, he was previously the Live Editor at Music Week and [...]

Login Kochishki (Password, MK)

Promoter, football player, A&R manager, father, event/party organiser, bambus drinker, label manager, booking agent, publisher, fan of basketball team Metalski Zavod [...]

Matúš Lenický (Producer/DJ, SK)

Matúš Lenický, known as B-Complex, is an internationally established drum&bass DJ and producer hailing from Bratislava, Slovakia. His undoubtedly biggest success came [...]
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