Waves Music Conference 2015

Shain Shapiro (Sound Diplomacy, UK)

Shain Shapiro is the founder and MD of Sound Diplomacy, leading music market development agency managing music conferences, providing music strategy and research and running [...]

Anton Popovič (SOZA, SK)

Conductor, composer and producer Anton Popovič studied trumpet at Conservatory and conducting at  University in Bratislava with further degrees in conducting, composition [...]

Tomáš Mikš (SOZA, SK)

Avid musician, lawyer and manager of international relations at Slovak author rights organisation (SOZA). He has studied in Czech Republic and France, graduating with [...]

Gordon Masson (IQ Magazine, UK)

A career journalist, Gordon has been a specialist in the music industry for the past 15 years. Now Editor of IQ Magazine, he was previously the Live Editor at Music Week and [...]

Login Kochishki (Password, MK)

Promoter, football player, A&R manager, father, event/party organiser, bambus drinker, label manager, booking agent, publisher, fan of basketball team Metalski Zavod [...]

Matúš Lenický (Producer/DJ, SK)

Matúš Lenický, known as B-Complex, is an internationally established drum&bass DJ and producer hailing from Bratislava, Slovakia. His undoubtedly biggest success came [...]

Juraj Kušnierik (Journalist, SK)

Culture editor editor of Týždeň, a Slovak weekly magazine and host of a weekly talkshow in Radio_FM, the popular alternative music radio station in Slovakia. He works with [...]
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